Our Company's Approach To Nonferrous Metals

Since 2009, we have set goals to establish nonferrous metal processing technology, joined the Japan Titanium Association
I got the basic knowledge through the introduction course of titanium including the manager etc.

After that, SDC Tanaka (formerly Mr. Tanaka) also assisted us and started activities with the aim of acquiring pure titanium processing technology.
If we go with material diameter that we are good at, we will be forged even after pure titanium is heated.
Since it turned out that quality can not be ensured if heating is done in the same way as iron, we read various literatures etc, and fish heating temperature range and
It examines the processing method etc and actually works on the work site, but because it is a processing method which has never experienced before,
We had to proceed while asking the workers a lot of hardships.

In the cutting process, heating process, forging process, cutting process, rolling process, various problems have been clarified at the work site,
I was able to successfully make prototypes successfully by considering a solution every time a problem occurred.

While doing prototyping, data such as saw blade endurance number, mold durability number, cutting tool durability number, rolling die durability number, etc. are collected,
As a result of repeating trial and error while considering with the people of the field based on that data,
Although it is still immature, it is now possible to complete and sell pure titanium bolts.

Challenge To Titanium Alloys

The next type of steel challenged is titanium alloy (Ti – 6Al – 4V). (Hereinafter referred to as titanium alloy)
Although this steel type is also named titanium, it is a completely different processing method from pure titanium and there were many difficulties different from pure titanium.
The point that I had a hard time at the beginning was that it was not the material diameter that we are special in hot forging.
Our heating method is high-frequency induction heating and heating can not be done unless the material diameter matches high frequency induction heating equipment.
For that reason, we had to start with the design of a heating device matching the material diameter of the titanium alloy.
Somehow, a heating device matching the material diameter of the titanium alloy is completed and the heating test is started, but as a further difficulty it is necessary to establish a control method of the heating temperature range.
Although various temperature measuring instruments exist, it is not easy to select the most suitable temperature measuring equipment for high frequency induction heating.
If the range of the heating temperature range of the titanium alloy is narrower than the determined temperature range, the metallurgical structure is changed and the value as a product disappears,
When heating at low temperature and forging, the mold will be damaged so hard that it is surprisingly surprised.

Unlike pure titanium, there were considerable questions to be examined before the prototype began, honest feelings seemed to break,
Despite asking for impossible difficulties, I decided absolutely not to give up and silently worked on me
I got advice from the people of the field and could move forward even if I hit the wall.

Establish Mass Production System

Even at the stage where the method of controlling the heating temperature is established to some extent and the forging trial is progressed, the speed to shift from heating to forging
Problems have occurred in the number of durable molds, etc., but we fully make use of the know-how we have cultivated in hot forging until now
Through examining and practicing the solution, various data on titanium alloy forging w as accumulated.

Based on this valuable data, considering the severe temperature control · transition speed to forging · number of mold durability
We introduce controllable machines such as the number of pressurized tons, and we will build a mass production system with the people of the site (introduced in 2018).

In constructing the mass production system, cutting machines for hard-to-work materials are introduced in advance.
We will accept discounts only by cutting steel materials such as titanium alloys and Inconel · Monel, so please do not hesitate to tell us.

Equipment List

Automatic grinding wheel cutting machine

Hot forming machine

Titanium Bolt

Broadly speaking, there are “pure titanium” (4 types in JIS) and “titanium alloy”.
“Pure titanium” means that it is commercially pure, it is also called CP titanium, abbreviating Commercially Pure Titaniium.
Titanium alloys are divided into those that aim mainly at improving “corrosion resistance” and those for improving “mechanical strength” and “processability”.



  • Light and strong titanium alloy.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent heat resistance.