Small parts do big work.
Why do not you work with us?

Job Description

Sales And Technical Sales Positions

Route sales to the corporation will be the center.
Customers are railway companies and administrative agencies such as JR, private railway companies and transportation departments, construction companies such as trading companies and general contractors, and other major companies.

Even without knowledge of the science, there is no problem because technical staff accompany them, but I think that you can value your attitude to learning yourself.


We will develop not only conventional bolts but also bolts etc. of nonferrous metals such as titanium.
It was seven years ago that I decided to enter the nonferrous field.

Starting with studying each material such as titanium, now it is used in wind power generators, research facilities, etc., and prototypes for aircraft bolts are also delivered to the delivery stage. Although saying, the state is still fumbling.
I hope we can challenge together.

Production Management · Development (Machine)

Our company has consistent facilities from cutting of steel materials to final process heat treatment / inspection.
We will leave the repair of the electrical equipment machine, improvement, purchase, inspection, installation and introduction of new equipment.

Many of our machines were developed by ourselves, and sometimes we will deal with machine development.
We also ask you to manage firefighting, drainage, noise, water quality necessary for plant management.

Engineering Management

“Mold design – Mold making – Mold heat treatment – Manufacturing – Processing – Heat treatment process – Nut set – Packaging”
First of all, you will learn the technology of all processes of the above manufacturing flow.
If you can grasp the whole process, please manage the factory production process itself and manage the technicians.

Based on manufacturing technology, we will raise judgment and management skills, until your existence will be moving factories by your instructions.

Quality Management

We ask from daily inspection / quality control to quality assurance.
For our company whose technical strength is selling, quality control of products begins when materials are carried.
Also, when problems arise, we pursue the cause, in some cases, involve development and factory staff, and will continue to make improvements.

Personality Desired

  • A person with passion
  • People who always feel challenged
  • Research heart, questing spirit,curiosity, people with ambition
  • People who can sustain to the end once you decide to do it
  • Person who can talk
  • Conversation is interesting person
  • People who are active
  • A cheerful person

I am seeking such a person.
People applicable to this, this fingering.

Application Requirements

Job categoryGeneral position: sales / technical sales, technology
(development, production control, quality control, etc.), administrative (accounting)
Work location3-2-21 Kaigandori Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 552-0022, Japan
※ There is no transfer.
※ 12 minutes on foot from Osaka Port subway line
Job category8:00~16:50
SalaryMonthly salary 200,000 yen
(April 2018, university graduate / graduate school graduation schedule planned)
AllowancesTransportation expenses full payment, overtime work allowance etc.
BonusTwice a year (June, December / last year 3.6 months)
Holiday / VacationComplete 2-day work week (Saturdays and Sundays) Holidays are based on our calendar
Summer, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid vacation
Congratulations and condolences/special leave
InsuranceVarious social insurance (health, welfare pension, employment, occupational accident)
WelfareUniform loan
There is a company canteen
Retirement allowance system etc.