We Can Respond To Any Order Taking Advantage Of Forging Technology Features

Large bolts are used for large machinery and construction machines, and we are also working on hex-bolt shape, as well as bolts with hexagon socket and special shape bolts and pins.
“I want to fit into the next need”
We are putting in place a structure that can respond to every order taking advantage of the features of hot and cold forging technology.



Hexagon Bolt(4.6~12.9)JIS B 1180

There are two types of hexagon head bolts, a parallel hexagon bolt and a small hexagon head bolt depending on the size of the width of the two sides.
■Parallel hexagon bolt (usually hex bolt)
■Small Hexagon Bolt (Hexagon Bolt with Smaller Thread with Two Head Widths in Parallel)

Applicable strength classes are 4.6, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9.
We can manufacture bolts of all sizes according to user’s needs.
(Maximum neck length up to 1,000 mm is possible)
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  • Hexagon bolts (8.8, 10.9) use chromium molybdenum steel (SCM 435, 440) and nickel chrome molybdenum steel (SNCM 439) materials.Quality is stable because it is tempering with high strength in a new heat treatment facility.
  • Combined with nut, stable torque control at tightening is possible.

Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw (Cap)

In principle, bolts with a hexagon socket head are not used with nuts, so the term “screw” is exact.
However, because the name hexagon socket bolt is popular, it is also called cap bolt.
The applicable strength class is 8.8 · 10.9 · 12.9.
Tighten with a hexagonal bar spanner (Max. Neck length up to 1000 mm possible)
Please see the drawing from here

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  • Compact device.
  • Improvement of equipment design performance.
  • Application of narrow space and improvement of workability.
  • Improved reliability by prevention of slack by high tightening force.

Stainless Steel Bolt

The stainless steel bolt of Imperial Tack Co., Ltd. is manufactured by accumulation and achievements of many years of technology.Stainless steel is excellent in design property, corrosion resistance, and durability, and has been widely used in various fields in the past.In order to make use of its characteristics to structural materials at the research and development stage, the revised Building Standards Act and the revised Building Standards Act, which was enacted in June 2000 after the general certification acquisition stage of the Construction Minister based on the provisions of Article 38 of the Building Standard Law In the enforcement ordinance, it is prescribed as a steel material used for steel frame making, and its leap forward development is expected.
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  • All products are manufactured on to order production.
  • After hot forging · solution solution · NC cutting · thread rolling · surface treatment process, all processes are manufactured under rich experience and strict quality control.
  • Rolling possibility range is wide range from small diameter to large diameter, responding to every need (neck length up to 1,000 mm possible).

Special Item · Heteroform · Wit Screw

Furthermore, in order to respond to the “next need”, we are putting in place a system to respond to every order, taking advantage of the hot and cold forging technology that we have cultivated to date.
Regardless of standard bolts as well as irregular shapes and irregular-shaped bolts, regardless of the lot size, consultation such as “Can you do something like this” or “Can you make it more economical?”, Quotation inquiries etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We combine our main product, the screw nail for railway and the metric screw, and we have a track record of using it as a nail material for joining a column for a house and a beam.



  • A reliable technology and reliable system.
  • A system that can respond to any orders.